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Planner Girls Collective: 2016 Planner Overview

2016 Planner Overview

I know it has been said an awful lot but I'm just gunna have to say it too, I cannot believe were are now in 2017. The past year has literally flown by, it has been a weird one for many different reasons, but similarly there have been some pretty awesome events happen too. I'm just amazed at how quickly time is moving. 

In terms of my planning journey 2016 started in spits and spurts, I was two months into using my Happy Planner, having always been a Personal Size girl (no matter how many times I say that it just sounds wrong lol) it took me rather a long time to get going with it. I was drawn by the opportunities to decorate and explore more layouts, to use greater visual aids to help me remember important and vital adulting tasks like cleaning the toilet or dusting the telly ;). 

With the greater space I found I started to document more of my days activities, to some extent I was both journalling and planning in the same place. It was very much a natural progression, as up until then I'd always strictly kept them separate. I've become more attached to my pages *dramatically hugs them close to the chest*, in previous years I've stored them away for reference to then recycle/burn/dispose of when I no longer needed to. But I see myself holding onto these, as they contain a little more than just appointments and tasks, they hold a little more of me.

You can see how my planning style changes throughout the 14 months of use, from the first few spreads where I made my own stickers using available images in openoffice to discovering the world of free printables online (My Planner Envy, Cute Daisy, Planner Addiction to name a few), then again the planning style evolves when I get my mits on a grab bag from The Plump Planner to finally purchasing cutfiles and kits from various other sellers. 

Interestingly I fell out of love with the monthly spread after about two months in, the things I was documenting slowly began to merge into the weekly spreads. At first the vertical layout felt a little clunky and it felt like it shouldn't be natural to read the day in a column, but actually it felt the complete opposite and felt 'right' immediately, now I'm a little unsure about returning to a horizontal layout again!

My biggest struggle with the Happy Planner system was the lack of note space. I had taken over the 'notes column' with my trackers which meant I'd have to remember to add in pages or have a running list at the front of my filofax. Combined with the use of stickers (fab in the sense I'd notice tasks - visuals is my thing, but not great for space issues) I found this meant I had a tendency to overlook things, particularly ordering the foodshop on time ('d think I'd notice by the gradual emptying of the fridge but nah) so I'd have to put big reminders for me to notice. So I guess you could say that for a while prioritising tasks and utilisation of space became a problem. The balance of decoration and planning became a tad skewed. 

With moving back to personal this issue of decoration vs functional planning is further compounded by the reduced space. My dividers will be back (I migrated away from dividers and sections - hell I left them with sheer abandonment and went skipping off towards the 'all in one' sea) and I'll have the ability to resection off aspects of the planning but I feel like I'm going to miss the cohesion felt with them all on one page. It'll be a work in progress lol. I love that my planning style never stops moving, I'm not sure I ever want to reach 'Planner Peace' - if there is such a thing - as I enjoy the journey too much, despite the frustration it invokes. 

My current dream team <3<3.

I'm now on week three of using this beauty and I'm still getting the hang of transisitioning from vertical to horiztonal. I've begun adding in a half height pages between my weeks which I'm trialling for my habbit/post trackers. So far I've not forgotten anything important....I don't think!

My other regular journals (working top left clockwise to bottom left)

My lovely brother knows how much I love my planners so for my seceret santa this year he bought me the blue 2017 diary. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for, I did think of redating it, but given the date is on the front I thought it might end up a bit squiffy. So I've turned it into a events journal. I try to pick out, news stories of interest (not headliners but say an odd or funny one), sometimes it'll be a qoute of the day, or a post I've seen on social media that particularly resonates with me, an overhead snippet of conversation, or it'll be a rant of the day - where I can vent about something that has been irksome. I'm hoping this will develop throughout the year to include other bits and topics, I'm really enoying the process :)

My line a day, a present from my parents last year. I've already loved comparing notes from last year. I waiting until 1st January 2016 (given it in November '15) as I'm weird and the thought of blank pages filled me with dread. I've already lived my life on repeat once this year. We went to IKEA...on the exact day a year ago...nice to see I live an unexpected lifestyle!

My carry around journal - the Raspberry ZinnyDori which I holds my day to day documenting, my memory journal, my lists and other such junk :)

And finally a wonderful christmas present from my fabulous friend Kelly, the thankful journal. I don't tend to write in it everyday. If I'm honest I tend to use it on days when I'm feeling low and I need a reminder of the good things that have happened that day or little reminders to help pick me up. 

No doubt I'll pick up more along the can never have too many planners right?

Having now come to the end of the year I've really enjoyed flicking back over the spreads, both the complete and the incomplete but now my hesitancy to go back to a personal ring bound is growing. My handwriting is quite chunky and messy, the pages don't look have so messy in an A5! I suppose I will have to utilise the monthly spreads again to track bits and bobs to free some precious space in the weeklys lol

Reet, I think that's pretty much it for this post :)

In abit peoples x 

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