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Mrs Brimbles "Sketchy Girls" July Patreon Content

Hi everyone! My first blog post of Anna's blog....eek! This month Anna has us working with her Sketchy Girls Artwork.

At first it took my a little while to get going with this months content. After watching the Patreon videos and looking through the collage sheets I felt really inspired, and several ideas were bubbling away, I was itching to get going! However, when it came to actually sitting down to do some arting, I kept hesitating. I don't know whether it is because Anna's style is so different to mine or the fact, that although life drawing is my area of interest, I never actually draw or paint faces. Always bodies, never faces. It didn't feel natural at first, and I felt my pictures were coming out very stilted but I preserved and boy am I glad I did!

I took Anna's advice about creating in pen and ran with it. I'm not a big pre sketcher, at most I put a few points of reference and then just dive straight in splodging paint around. When I do this I almost …

Planner Girls Collective: Summer Holiday Bucket List

Summer Months Bucket List
I don't really have a summer holiday as such since I don't have children....I take my summer break whenever I want it, a luxury of being self employed. So my Summer Holiday Bucket List is more a list of things I'd like to do over the summer months. I would say hot or hotter months but given the weather at the minute I wouldn't necessarily consider that true...Ha! It's always warmish and raining here. 
So asides from ranting about the poor weather I should probably move on to my actual bucket list. It started out and finished with pretty much the same layout. The only bit I decided I didn't like was the placement of the wanderlust sticker, as I started my list further down the page I ended up with a big gap which was bugging me. 
I'm really enjoying using the mica powders at the minute, and finding every excuse to use them. I wanted to try and achieve a summery fresh feel, so I opted for a mix of blues, pinks and yellows. I'm q…

Dream Create Journal #1 - A Childhood Adventure

Below is my first post on Dream Create Journal - The blog can be found here. It is a collaborative blog with my wonderful friends Geraldine and Kelly.  Please feel free to come over and join us!
Theme: Dreams & Wishes
Accompanying video can be found here
Yikes! I'm sat here groaning and thinking “why did I volunteer to go first again?”. The nerves and the subsequent creative block are hitting, and I feel like my blip of braveness is coming back to bite me!
So my response to the above self doubt, grab a brew and browse some Pinterest. I find it a great place to start before I embark on any creativeness. I'm not one of these people that can ooo and ahh at nature, look at a tree and suddenly bing! Creative and Inspired Self appears. Nah, I look at a tree and more often than not think “hmm nice tree” or simply “oh, a tree” and that's that. Don't get me wrong I'm inspired by nature's beauty and everything but it doesn't get my brain firing and I struggle to mo…