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Planner Girls Collective: 2016 Planner Overview

2016 Planner OverviewI know it has been said an awful lot but I'm just gunna have to say it too, I cannot believe were are now in 2017. The past year has literally flown by, it has been a weird one for many different reasons, but similarly there have been some pretty awesome events happen too. I'm just amazed at how quickly time is moving. 

In terms of my planning journey 2016 started in spits and spurts, I was two months into using my Happy Planner, having always been a Personal Size girl (no matter how many times I say that it just sounds wrong lol) it took me rather a long time to get going with it. I was drawn by the opportunities to decorate and explore more layouts, to use greater visual aids to help me remember important and vital adulting tasks like cleaning the toilet or dusting the telly ;). 

With the greater space I found I started to document more of my days activities, to some extent I was both journalling and planning in the same place. It was very much a natural p…

...bucking the reading slump trend

As anyone who reads regularly will know the dreaded reading slump demon will come a knocking at some point or another. Sometimes he hangs around of a couple weeks and then buggers off back to whence he came, but occasionally, for me at least he hangs around a little too long. He's been perched on my bookshelves, taunting me, for several months now. Every time I think about picking up a book, he jeers and wags his little gnarly finger at me and I suddenly loose interest. I feel guilt when I look at my vast collection of unread novels and ironically feel less inclined to read their pages. So there they sit, perfectly aligned, spines straight, waiting to spill their secrets.

The usual tactics to get me to pick a book:
- reading a chapter X
- reading in another a room X
- reading in the bath X
- having a cuppa X
- Collections of short stories - worked to a degree, but I've now finished all of my short story collections!

The OH and I took a trip to Costco - the original plan was to…