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Confessions of a Plannerholic #10 - My Top Must See Films

When I saw this topic I immediately knew which films I would be putting on my list! Aside from planners, food, Guinea pigs, rabbits, horses and teapots my biggest interest is film and television. Often food is involved too so it's all good :) 
There's so many I could choose and from so many different is hard to shortlist them. Below are a few of the ones I couldn't leave off the list....I say a few...I've left one or two without further note otherwise we could be here all day!

In no particular order...
K-Pax (2001) I watched this film with my mum one weekend when I still lived back at home. I remember we rented it from blockbuster - back when it still existed and people rented hard copies of films, how I miss walking into there and seeing film upon film, then the disappointment where the film you were after wasn't available. I remember being pretty dubious, as at the time this certainly wasn't my kind of film. Too slow paced and not enough psychologi…

Confessions of a Plannerholic #2 Q&A

A few questions devised by Emma (thestationerygeekette) to help you delve a little into the mindset of a planner addict. I am always a bit rubbish with Q&As but hopefully it'll be enjoyable..haha!

What is your favourite planner? Ahh. If I'm brutally honest I don't think I have one. I tend to swap around quite a bit, partly through boredom and partly because I feel guilty for not using all the planners I have! At the minute I'm using my A5 doki Midnight Zip and I'm loving the 'classyness' of it! I am also using an Hourly Erin Condren for work which is finally keeping me on track.

Does your planner have a name? If so what is it? Weirdly enough for me, no, none of my planners have names. My cars do. They are called Nelly and Leecey (The Mint Green Machine). It has never struck me to personify my planners and give them names, to be honest I'd probably forget given the size of my collection.

Favourite Accessories. Recently I've got myself into using…

Zinnydori in tha house!!

Ahh. Well I was attempting the whole 'no spend thing'...yeah it didn't go so well. Pretty badly, if truth be told. I treated myself, like I always do when I'm feeling blue. I was perusing the web but I didn't see anything that took my fancy. I was looking up TNs and other Dori type notebooks and then I remembered Daisy (mygreencow)doing a review of her Zinny Dori.

Off I go and order myself a gorgeous Sour Lime TN. Paid up and felt that warm tingly feeling when you've just purchased yourself something new! I didn't think much of not getting a confirmation e-mail, having seen payment was successful I forgot about it. Whoops! Despite being the quite diligent (ha!) planner that I am and noting the order down in my 'online orders' page, several weeks had gone by before I remembered I hadn't recieved it! I popped a message to Zinny who was so lovely and helpful, investigating the issue for me. There was a glitch and my order had been missed so she go…

When a happy mail comes in....

First Happie Scrappie kit. Coffee theme

Ahh that feeling of happy warmth spreading through you (and no I'm not talking about when one wets oneself). No it is the most glorious of all days. Happy Mail Day! The day when everything feels right with world, when things just fall into place and harmony ensues....for about an hour anyway. My long awaited, much coveted first Happie Scrappie is here in my very hands...well figuratively anyway, otherwise typing might be a little awkward.
I've been umming and ahhing about whether I should grab myself one of these packs, after spending several hours in the bottomless ocean that is youtube I decided I'd just do it, given the subscription is rolling and there's no issue with cancelling, if it I didn't like it, I could always cancel at any time. Bonus. So there I was putting in my data, whilst being driven to wherever it was we were going, ignoring J – much to his annoyance - get coffee most likely and …

Let us start in the middle...

I've been meaning to sit down and write this for weeks now, I open up a new document, begin writing a sentence or two then I blank. I just end up staring at the cursor blinking on the screen. I give up and walk away thinking “I'll just do it another day”. It has hit me that actually that day will never likely come. I'll just keep putting it off, thinking that inspiration will hit later.....nah. I've put aside crafting today after slicing my finger with a rotary blade and it is all gross so I can't be working with my hands. I'm a person that needs to be doing something, so after twiddling my thumbs for an hour or two (and a couple of episodes of OITNB – how have I only just discovered this!!) I am finally giving this a go.

I remember reading somewhere that you should add media to your posts to make them more interesting and attractive for readers. Yes, I did swat up on the “how to's” and the “do nots” but, I'm not a stickler for the rules. Imma just mak…