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Dream Create Journal #6 - A lesson in Reflection

Quite a short post from me this time. I've been struggling the last couple of nights with a bad bout of Insomnia. At the minute I feel like I'm walking through the day waist deep in Treacle, everything is running in slow motion, basically jetlag without the holiday. I hope to give you a more art and photo filled post next time, but for now I'll include images of my safe place.

Incidentally whilst I was writing this blog post Geraldine posted a link to her post on her own blog where she mentions the way to living your Truth is to discover the things you perhaps did not know about yourself and to also consider the aspects of ourselves we may not like. It struck a cord with me because I too had come to same conclusion.

Often when I've washed my dreads I'll sit in front of my mirror and blow dry my hair, a mirror is not exactly required for the job of blow drying ones hair but it seems to be something I do. Occasionally, I will find myself staring at my own reflec…

The Adventure Pact

The Adventure Pact
Hi everyone! Is it too late to still wish everyone a Happy New Year? I often question when it has passed the point when you can still speak well wishes, I guess when people start giving you funny looks in return. As I'm writing this we still haven't quite reached double figure dates, so I'm gunna go with it and wish everyone a fun, creative year ahead!

(This is from a recent wander around a local nature reserve)
With a new year comes the inevitable talk of “New Year Resolutions”, to speak the truth I'm not a great believer in making them. Too many people seem to drop them within a week or two when the hype and positive outlook begins to wear thin or the self applied pressure starts to weigh heavy. Too bigger a step and you're destined to struggle, if not fail. I don't wish to set myself up to fail so rather than burst into the new year (seriously how many times can I get that term into this blog post?) all guns blazing I try to think of thi…

Rolling out the phrase...." with the new"

The start of 2018 has been a bit of a jaggered one for me. This year J and I spent Christmas up norf with just the two of us rather than travelling down to spend it with my ever growing family. Instead we had our family 'Christmas Day' in...Janurary on the 6th... Hey at least it was actually cold on that day unlike the rather mild 25th December. It shouldn't be warm on Christmas day! 
So yeah, the start has been kinda bumpy and events seem out of sequence, I've been a bit unsettled and not quite found my rhythm yet....I like my routine. When my routine is disrupted or flipped I have a paddy and I take a while settle again. 
Planning usually helps with this, but for some reason I also took the decision - I'm not sure how wisely - to change up my planning system. Having never successfully got along with the Travelers Notebook system (at least in the planning sense) I decided in my infinite wisdom that it would be my planner for this year, despite always being in ring…