Let us start in the middle...

I've been meaning to sit down and write this for weeks now, I open up a new document, begin writing a sentence or two then I blank. I just end up staring at the cursor blinking on the screen. I give up and walk away thinking “I'll just do it another day”. It has hit me that actually that day will never likely come. I'll just keep putting it off, thinking that inspiration will hit later.....nah. I've put aside crafting today after slicing my finger with a rotary blade and it is all gross so I can't be working with my hands. I'm a person that needs to be doing something, so after twiddling my thumbs for an hour or two (and a couple of episodes of OITNB – how have I only just discovered this!!) I am finally giving this a go.

I remember reading somewhere that you should add media to your posts to make them more interesting and attractive for readers. Yes, I did swat up on the “how to's” and the “do nots” but, I'm not a stickler for the rules. Imma just make my own way. But still...here is a picture of a teapot. For like, reasons. Plus I like teapots. This is from my personal collection.

I've never been good at these introductory type of things. I'm a jump feet first in type of girl, and hope that people catch up along the way. I guess, technically speaking, there is no right way of doing this, although I'm sure a decent and proper introduction is helpful. Sets the scene and all that jazz, right? If I'm honest I never read introductory posts, I find them awkward. I just skip to the heart of a blog and read the posts that come after. This probably why I am struggling so much with my writing my own! I dabbled doing this on paper (since I organise everything on paper...no tech for me) but I find the words flow better on screen.

I'm just going go all listy on this one. I've tried the fancy worded stuff and it just sounds pants...ha! So listing it is :) (seriously though I LOVE me a list....I totally live by them). If you've read my bio (laying no blame if you haven't ;)) you'll know that I'm a twenty something living in a northern town with her long suffering partner (almost 12 years now...yikes) my herd of piggies, my two fluffy bunnies and a nutcase for a dog.

I am a self confessed hoarder and claimer of all things pretty. Major magpie.

My collections include:

  • teapots (the wackier the better), tea cups and saucers, and mugs.
  • Pencils (from days out when I was child...thankyou mum and dad for that one!)
  • Art supplies, paints, chalks, pastels, sketchbooks, scrapbooking supplies
  • wool for my knitting and crochet projects – one can never have enough of this stuff although its at the stage where I find it all over the house
  • planners and notebooks
  • children's books and rare/vintage books
  • beanie babies....who remembers them? Best place is charity shops...always come away with at least two!
  • Dream catchers and windchimes.

Luckily most of my obsessions coincide with my hobbies so, I have legitimate reasons for buying these things, despite my partner's protestations to the contrary.

I'm hoping this gives a flavour of who I am and what you can expect from me and my blog. Crafting related stuff and perhaps some other more lifestyle things thrown in, and anything else that grabs my interest :)

Ciao for now guys.


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