When a happy mail comes in....

First Happie Scrappie kit. Coffee theme

Ahh that feeling of happy warmth spreading through you (and no I'm not talking about when one wets oneself). No it is the most glorious of all days. Happy Mail Day! The day when everything feels right with world, when things just fall into place and harmony ensues....for about an hour anyway.
My long awaited, much coveted first Happie Scrappie Subscription...it is here in my very hands...well figuratively anyway, otherwise typing might be a little awkward.

I've been umming and ahhing about whether I should grab myself one of these packs, after spending several hours in the bottomless ocean that is youtube I decided I'd just do it, given the subscription is rolling and there's no issue with cancelling, if it I didn't like it, I could always cancel at any time. Bonus. So there I was putting in my data, whilst being driven to wherever it was we were going, ignoring J – much to his annoyance - ....to get coffee most likely and bam it was done. Easy peasy. I twiddle my thumbs and stalk its progress via the tracking (love it when tracking comes FREE! I mean who doesn't?) for a few weeks and it arrives. It is here, hurrah!

I decided to opt for the travellers notebook kit, because I'm trying the whole TN thing - much love! Originally I began with just my gardening journal, documenting you know plants, dirt and pretty flowers and things. But more recently I've been drawn to the style and the idea of using it in conjunction with the whole bullet journaling system (yes I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon, so shoot me). So yeah, TN Kit it was.

Here it is for purposes of photos and because I was too tired to remember to take a picture of it on the floor which is where I found it all bleary eyed this morning. Just imagine it in a brown jiffy bag on some, shall we say interestingly red hued floor tiles (the previous owners of our house had some real interesting taste in d├ęcor.....they had wallpaper on their kitchen counter tops, need I say more?) and you get the picture of how it arrived.

Inside the kit is gorgeously presented in a cardstock envelope, with a little hint given as to the theme inside. I'm one of these people like surprises, only good ones mind, so I've been avoiding facebook and skipping posts to avoid spoilers. They seriously dampen my hype!

Ahh! And what do I see before me? Coffee, be still my beating heart. I LOVE coffee, like not just a little bit, seriously, uncontrollably, undeniably in love with coffee. Without it I couldn't function as a human, I'd be subhuman, one with underdeveloped capabilities of speech and social grace. Being a night owl does that to you. Not so sure about the cats bit...but hey I'll roll with it!

The notebook is scrummy. I was surprised at the quality, I know that sounds kinda bad right? But seriously sometimes when you get bits in boxes the paper thickness and construction can be a little bit underwhelming. But nah, not in this instance. The designs are really lovely, clearly a lot of thought has gone into this. Another thing I loved about it was there is a good amount of doodles before they are repeated. So I can either add my own, or alternatively cover if I fancy something a little different.
Here's a couple of my favourite doodles.

Paperclips! Who in their right mind would say no to a cute paperclip? Since I'm an avid teapot, mug and cup collector (I've mentioned this before right?), I may have let out a little, teeny, tiny squeal, just a small one mind, when I saw these beauties. I really love the way they've been presented, and I may have just kept hold of the card to use in my scrapbooking/journalling.

Eek there's even notepad! I live by these things. Even better it is double sided. I have these eco warrior moments, particularly with paper. I HATE wasting paper, I'll use every scrap of it up before I'll recycle it! (can you see the hoarding tendencies building?) But yes, the fact it is double sided makes my heart sing. I can list away to my hearts content and admire the colours and doodles. I'm a very visual type of person, colour/doodles etc really draw my attention. So they work for me, I see it, I do it.

The Stickers are awesome, a really good mixture of functional and decorational. They also pick up and run with the theme nicely. I'm looking forward to using these (at some point....the problem with stickers is I like to hoard them, I can never decide whether to use them or just look at them). 

Next out of the bag/envelope thingy are the die cuts/ephemera whichever term you prefer. They are printed and cut on lovely thick cardstock. No worries about scuffing or ripping these babies when working with them. Currently I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the smaller ones, most likely outcome is they'll go in my box of bits (which I rifle through and nab anything relating to my project). I may make a page marker or tip in type thing in my filofax or journal with the larger pieces, or I may not. I'll have a think on.

Mug coaster – love it, so cute! It now has a place next to my sewing machine for the days when I 'm sewing more bits for my etsy shop. Nice little addition to my current ones from my mums holidays away. I kept the packaging too! It's just too lovely to throw away.

Dashboard and page marker. Im not really a dashboard for TN person. I say that, but in truth I've never used one, or had the means (the plasticy wallety thingies) to have one. I guess I could wing it, or paperclip it in somehow but hey. I may just pop it on my wall above my desk as inspiration or something.


There was a pen. Imagine a black pen, with a twisty bit rather than a click bit. That's the one! I'm not sure what I've done with it. I used it to write something down (what one usually does with a pen) and then left it somewhere, or it has been swallowed up by the messy desk monster. But I remember it wrote smoothly and was rather comfy in the hand.

Overall thoughts, theme is well put to together, really looking forward to getting the next kit, I think its great value for money. Also love the envelopes that the kit comes in, perfect for revamping and using in another project. I'm looking forward to my next one!


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