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Having a marbulous time Dirty Pours!

Hey guys!

I cannot believe we are half way through February already! The past few weeks have really zipped by, I'm already behind on my daily journalling....oops!

So I've been struggling a bit lately with my creativity, I've not journaled properly since Christmas. I've kept a log of what we've done, in a really informal, unattractive way. So if I feel the urge I can go back and journal, but at the minute I just keep thinking '...Nope'. So I've been exploring and doing other things which involve some level of creativity. I've spent a few hours (read that as days) playing on The Sims4 and doing some Tumblr ish type DIY projects with Anna's Patreon content for this month. I just can't get enough!

Our house has been in a perpetual state of undress for the last five years, we've been slowly, and I mean slooowly doing it up. I've put so many things on hold, kept things in boxes waiting. It has frustrated me to no end, as I feel like I never properly moved in and that the place doesn't feel quite like home. We've recently had the builders in to sort our front porch extension and it has pushed me to open these boxes up and get stuck into the projects I've put off for so long.

I have a real passion for photography and where I can I try to display my own work (vain much haha!) but I also love seeing generational gallery walls. You know the ones that show you from a chubby baby, through the goofy school years and finally to that awful graduation photo! My parents have one on either side of their stairs, us toothy grinned offspring and family from a bygone era. I would love just sitting on the stairs and looking over their faces as a kid and m any a time you'd hear guests make it only half way up the steps, a picture having caught their attention.

I've hoarded frame after frame and printed many a photo in preparation for my own wall, and I'm now almost there! So with a rather good looking Mancunian builder giving me a rather peculiar look, I took some frames I picked up from a poundshop and spray painted them using some spray paint from my stash. I could have gone with and kept the black frames but I felt since these were going to be arty type prints I wanted something to distinguish them from the awkward (but amazing) family shots.


They are currently drying as I'm writing this, so fingers crossed they'll be okay out there! Otherwise they may have some interesting smudges, or flecks which if I really hate I can always cover over with another coat. Woohoo for spray paints.

Whilst waiting for them to dry I picked out some of my favourite pieces from this month's patreon and did some editing on the computer to add some phrases. I'm not the best with digital editing but I think they came out okay, good enough for me anyhow. I then printed and cut them to the right size. I will re-esemble them once the paint is dry....*waits*.

In the meantime I turned my attention to my other project, a fabric TN. Some lovely canvas with one Anna's Dirty Pours (I still can't say that without cringing lol) printed on to it was THE thing.

I teamed it with a turquoisey blue interior, I did consider a black fabric but I think the blue was the better choice. I'm over the moon with how it turned out, it looked amazing just as a fabric print but seeing it made up as an item it is just incredible.

It now houses my affirmations journals, which are full of swirly whirly watercolour pages. Perfect Match!

Well that's all from me this month. I've had fun finding other avenues for my creativity and I feel less guilt for not creating. I'm not the only one that suffers from this am I? I'd love to hear the ways you get yourself through the creativity slump :)

Till next time peeps x

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