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Dream Journal Create #5 - Crochet Love

 Below is my first post on Dream Create Journal - The blog can be found here. It is a collaborative blog with my wonderful friends Geraldine and Kelly.  Please feel free to come over and join us!

Hi guys! A bit of different one today, Kelly and I thought we'd share with you another area of our creativity one beyond getting messy with paints and charcoals. The world of Crochet, Yarn and Knitting!

(currently work in progress, a virus shawl)

My crochet (and knitting) journey began when I was around 12 ish. It's a skill that has been passed from mother to daughter in my family across several generations and my mum decided that that summer would my turn to learn! Off school for the summer I was bored and complaining at my mum that I had nothing to do, so she took me to the local craft shop (which has since gone!) to purchase me my first set of knitting needles and a beginners kit. I still have my wonky scarf, oh the joys of picking up stitches from nowhere – but hey my increases were spotless, although I don't tend to wear it much any more.

(First venture into yarn cakes) 

Initially I began with just knitting and then added crochet in later when I'd got the hang of using two needles. If I'm honest I probably crochet more than I knit these days, partly because I cannot knit in the summer - I'm not sure why but it's just one of those things – but I can crochet all year around. I also find crochet easier to do when 'on the go' as a hook is far less cumbersome than trying to clack away with two needles.

I've had many a project over the years, with some of my greatest makes going to my nephew. When my brother was born my mum knitted him a Postman Pat stuffed cuddly toy. He absolutely adored him, and he (Pat) subsequently helped all of us three children sleep at night. To this day he still sits on my bed, 31 years old and looking rather worse for wear. When I found out I would be an Aunty I knew I wanted to give him something special, so I tracked down the pattern and set to making him......Oh boy!! That was a journey and a half. It is probably the most difficult pattern I have worked with to date. It wasn't particularly technical, more that it would leave out half the instructions.

When my mum learned to crochet (when she was 14 or so) she worked a large granny square blanket, which being the darling little children we were we claimed for picnics, and taking on adventures. It is also the blanket I learned to crochet on, so not only does it have signs of childhood games and remnants of who knows what it has a lovely wibbly wobbly border to boot! This too has pride of place on my bed, it is something I will cherish forever. I only have to look at it and I can recall all sorts of memories, like the time it developed a hole in the centre and I walked around wearing it calling it my poncho. I decided I'd make another for my nephew.

Often when I feel stressed or anxious the repetitive motions of crochet and knitting bring me a sense of calm. I can literally zone out and ignore everything around me. I fall into a rhythm and the negative feeling seeps away. There is something magical about the way a piece of what is essentially string turns into something entirely different. A series of loops and hoops develop into a fabric so rich and full in both texture and colour. A piece of the artist in every stitch.

(from passion to work!)

To Kelly.....

So Jeni is pretty much the reason I got into Crochet. It took me a while as at first I simply could not do it. It was messy, fiddly and my Crochet stitches were too tight.
However, I would sit and watch Jeni produce amazing creations in next to no time, it was effortless and relaxing. I wanted to give it another go.

I bought some yarn from Hobbycraft and these Crochet hooks from Ebay. The handles feel a bit like rubber and are much nicer to work with than the original metal hook I was using.

I found this video on YouTube which showed me a basic Granny Square pattern. I took notes from the video so that it was in my own words then decided to try again. I found it much easier this time and have been working away since.

I went back to Hobbycraft and bought 6 balls of yarn (red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple). I wanted to make a rainbow style blanket that I am now calling my Positivity Blanket. If I'm feeling rubbish I can throw it over me!

Each evening I will crochet a few squares and bundle them together. Then once I have created a few, I will take some thin yarn and stitch them together. There is a way to Crochet them together but at the moment this is working for me.

I'm so pleased I gave it another go because it's so relaxing and rewarding. It's a brand new skill that I can experiment with. I'm already thinking of other things I can try to make, I'm tempted to try a planner cover! It'll be an interesting experiment if anything!

Thank you for stopping by,


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